Ballet Latino de San Antonio

Ballet Latino de San Antonio is an arts organization that promotes a link between great art and the cultural awareness of the Hispanic community.  Our dance organization brings to center stage a unique dance experience that blends an eclectic and diverse infusion of Hispanic passions. We present these passions and share an interpretation of a cultural renaissance and an awakening of the Hispanic culture as a great art in itself. This is the vision of our Artistic Director, Mayra Worthen, who has 27 years of expert experience as the founding artistic director of Ballet San Antonio.Understanding that such a vision could never be realized in a limited setting, Ms. Worthen broadened her vision to incorporate movement outside the restriction of a classically based dance company. Because the broadened perspective includes classical movement but is not limited to it, she now brings to the stage a refined art form which includes as an integral part of the foundation the infusion and strong presences of the classical movement and the Latin forms. Not only is Ballet Latino de San Antonio concentrating on bringing Hispanics the delight of its various cultures, but it also endeavors to educate non-Hispanics in the fascination of the passionate movements that are inspired by the Latin culture, in addition to presenting selected classics with unexpected twists.